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The Flow Mobile Wellness Project is designed to raise funds to help support Ultimate Wellness dba HeartMonics™ to bring heart, health and prosperity education along with a dose of wellness to communities beginning in the state of Colorado using "The Flow Mobile".

Mobile Wellness on Wheels for better blood flow and quality of life.

"There is nothing more meaningful or valuable than helping people transform their circumstances." ~ Cynthia Gardner O'Neill

The Intention for The Flow Mobile Wellness Project is to flow more good into the world in an even bigger way. Helping one another is important to establish value to value exchange networks for a happier healthier community environment. Connection and collaboration are a key element to wellness in any community.



Harmonized Heart

A harmonized heart is the solution to your wellness problems


Ultimate Wellness

Working with leading edge technologies and ancient wisdom


Prosperous Business

A heart centered business to do more good in the world business plan


Love Offerings

Work is love made visible. Love is the gold of the earth.

About The Flow Mobile Wellness Project

Mobile Community Wellness

"The Flow Mobile" connects into communities all across the state of Colorado to provide knowledge through educating about new innovative wellness technologies to enhance quality of life. This is for people, pets, horses, plants, water and for healthier environments. 

The education, products and services "The Flow Mobile" provides connects us to heart, health, and prosperity so we CAN experience a happier healthier life with a greater quality of living.

The Vision

This project has been a work of art in progress and love is at the heart of the masterpeace. Yes, Peace... The peace that is within all of us. Ultimate Wellness comes from feeling safe and peaceful in the world. Your harmonized heart is the solution to the worlds wellness problems. Harmonizing heart, health and prosperity through better blood flow and a deeper understanding of what health is creates a better quality of life. 

The Flow Mobile Wellness Project is seeking $22,222.  A business plan to support the project is available. The project needs are a travel van to be mobile, BEMER Pro Unit, Veterinarian horse unit and necessary finishing kit for the flow mobile as well as insurance, licensing and fees.



About Cynthia Gardner O'Neill

Founder | Wellness Educator & Provider

A heart centered entrepreneur who cares deeply for the health and well-being of the planet and all who live here. With over 30 years of experience in the wellness business. Cynthia has extensive education, training, and certifications in complementary, alternative, integrative and energy medicine/psychology.  Her educational credentials include:   Wellness and Life Coach, Massage Therapist, Flower Essence Practitioner, Wilderness Adventure Guide, TFT Trainer, Complimentary, Alternative, and Energy Medicine Professional, Studies in BioAcoustic, EnergyInformatic, Science of the Heart & Epigenetics as well as a Doctored in Divinity.

Cynthia works with an innovative wellness device that is enhancing healthcare and bringing it back into a wellness model working along with all models of wellness care.  She educates wellness businesses and individuals helping them take their health to a whole new level of wellness.  This is the ultimate wellness that flows within YOU!  Learn more about Cynthia here...


Heart, Health, & Prosperity

Harmonizing your life through better blood flow.

Today we are measuring what was once immeasurable. New innovative wellness technology is now the forefront of wellness. We can now take bad blood flow and turn it into good blood flow nourishing your body and optimizing your life. This provides better cardiac function, nutrient and oxygen uptake to the cells as well as the removal of waste from the cells when blood is flowing with ease.

The body moves out of stress and flows into rest providing a calm relaxed focused energy. This can be experienced using an innovative wellness device that provides the body the environment it needs to self correct itself and return to homeostasis. This device is the core product and service of "The Flow Mobile".  

Linda Tellington Jones speaks about the innovative wellness device provided by The Flow Mobile as a product and service within the business plan for herself and animals. 

Working with horse owners and their horses will be a key components of the business success for "The Flow Mobile". 

90 years old Joci James has been a client of Cynthia's since 2014. Joci is experiencing amazing results with"The HeartMonics Approach" as well as the innovative wellness device for blood flow. Upon getting her own device, her results have been enhanced to a whole new wellness level.

Aging with ease becomes a reality working along with Cynthia Gardner O'Neill's Ultimate Wellness mentoring programs, products, and services.

This team used the innovative wellness device to win the grueling "Race Across America" in 2016.  The device allowed the athletes the ability to recover, stay hydrated, increase energy and sleep well during the race. 

You do not need to be a professional athlete to enjoy the benefits of this therapy. In fact, performance and recovery are an essential part of daily life.


About us

The Flow Mobile Wellness Project's intention is to bring leading edge wellness technology, enhancing quality of life, to the source of those in need of wellness support. Our team is made up of heart centered individuals bringing this opportunity into reality.

Our mission

A sustainable heart centered business that brings heart, health, and prosperity enhancing quality of life. We strive to turn the daily OW into the daily Wow helping people in crisis.  Harmonizing Hearts one heart at a time through higher education, changing perception and loving consciousness. 

Contact Us

Please join us in sharing this page, donating, or giving a love offering. If you have someone you feel that is in need of support with their health and wellness you can refer or call or email us. Your health is our priority!

We care about your feedback and questions.  Please feel free to call or email us. Thank you for support.

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